Eagle Industries LTD Specification Of LB3833A

Short Description:

The spindle is supported with precision roller bearings.
Gears made of high quality steel are ground and hardened.
The guideways are hardened.
Feed box has various feeds and threads cutting functions.
Longitudinal/ Cross feed 0.067-1.019mm/r/0.018-0.275mm/r.
Spindle bore:Ф38mm,70-2000rpm.

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Technical Specifications

Model LB3833A*750 LB3833A*1000
Item no. 111025 111026
Max.swing over bed Ф330mm (13") Ф330mm (13")
Max. swing over gap Ф476mm Ф476mm
Max.swing over slide Ф198mm Ф198mm
Width of bed 186mm 186mm
Max.length of workpiece(two centers) 30"(750mm) /40"(1000mm)
Spindle nose D4 D4
Spindle bore Ф38mm Ф38mm
Taper bore of spindle M.T.NO.5 M.T.NO.5
Steps of spindle speed 8 8
Range of spindle speed 70~2000rpm 70~2000rpm
Range of longitudinal feeds 0.0026-0.040in/r (0.0067~1.019mm/r) 0.0026-0.040in/r (0.0067~1.019mm/r)
Range of cross feeds 0.0009-0.0138in/r (0.018~0.275mm/r) 0.0009-0.0138in/r (0.018~0.275mm/r)
Inch threads 3-1 /2~80T.P.I/36 3-1 /2~80T.P.I/36
Metric threads 0.45-10mm/ 27kinds 0.45-10mm/ 27kinds
Diametral threads 7-160D.P/32 7-160D.P/32
Moduler threads 0.25 ~ 5M.P/20 0.25 ~ 5M.P/20
Diameter of leadscrew Ф22mm (7/8") Ф22mm (7/8")
Pitch threads of leadscrew 4mm or 8TPI 4mm or 8TPI
Travel of tailstock quill 95mm 95mm
Taper bore of tailstock quill M.T.NO.3 M.T.NO.3
Power of main motor 2HP(1.5KW) 2HP(1.5KW)
Net weight 495kg 595kg
Dimension (L x W x H) 1570*740*1240mm 1820*740*1240mm
Shipping dimension (L x W x H) 1700*760*1500mm 1930*760*1500mm

This document provides the weight and shipping dimensions. The weight listed for a machine may be off by as much as +/- 5% due to option selection, casting variations, and even the moisture content of the wooden crates surrounding the machine.

Standard Devices Or Accessories

1. Main motor China brand
2. Spindle bearing China brand
3. Main electrical component German brand
4. Coolant pump China brand
5. Stead rest China brand
6. Follow rest China brand
7. 4-way tool post  
8. Tailstock  
9. 3-jaw chuck 160mm
10. 4-jaw chuck 200mm
11. Face plate  
12. Working light  
13. Foot brake  
14. Splash guard  
15. Tool box including:  
1) Flat screw driver  
2) Cross screw driver  
3) Open ended wrench  
4) Hex socket wrench  
5) Taper dead center  
6) Live center  
7) Spindle sleeve  
8) Chuck wrench  
9) Key for cam lock  
10) Tool post wrench  
11) Round nut spanner  
13) Oil gun  
14) Paint can  
16) Operator's manual  
17) Test record  
19) Pads  

The descriptions, illustrations and specifications given here in are subject to alteration without notice and thus without any obligation.

Optional Devices Or Accessories

Drive plate Ф250mm
Chuck guard  China brand
Tool post guard China brand
Curtain guard China brand
2-axe or 3-axe DRO  
Quick change tool post  

Different devices and accessories can be combined according to customer's requirement.

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